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Ultra violet lamp

Ultra violet lamp chamber for application on oil-based coatings

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A correct UV lamp chamber will help us to:

  • 1. Accelerate, monitor and optimize the tanning effect on white wood when applying Italian Golden Ground A.
  • 2. Accelerate drying time and make easier the polymerization process (homogeneous film formation) of grounds, colours and oil varnishes.
  • 3. Avoid the deposit of dust particles on varnishes.
  • 4. Save time work, since we do not depend on availability and intensity of solar light..

The exposure time, under normal conditions, could range from 6 to 12 hours. The types and references of the lamps shown in the drawing are examples. There could be other lamps in the market with the same characteristics.

El tiempo de exposición, en condiciones normales, puede oscilar entre 6 y 12 horas. Los tipos y referencias de las lámparas, se citan a título orientativo.


  • Always :open the UV chamber with the lamps turned off.
  • Never : look at the light.
  • Do NOT expose skin or eyes to the UV radiation. As the sun (but in less time) could cause sunburn on skin and damages on retina.
  • It can produce - like the sun, but in less time burn the skin and severe damage to the retina.
  • It is better to locate the UV chamber in a different room from where you work.

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