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Application Methods

From Old Wood, we proposes several application systems working with our products but each luthier can work according his needs, methods or experience.

All the application systems includes grounds, oil natural colours, and oil varnishes, which enable to generate a wide spectrum of finishes adaptable to any technique using oil-based coatings. Old Wood proposes different systems combining the grounds and different varnishes with or without oil natural colours.

A basic scheme of the procedure is:

  • To seal the wood applying a protein solution in order to obtain an even porosity. Old Wood proposes Technical Gelatin.
  • Next, we propose the use of Italian Golden Ground A+B. It is a ground which protect and develop the colour into the wood providing a warm and beautiful base-colour.
  • Then, Old Wood proposes to fill the pores using grounds which will help to obtain and even surface ready for varnishing. Also, these grounds protects and enhance the beauty and he grain of the wood and the dichroism effect.
  • Old Wood has two mineral grounds, Imprimitura Minerale and Doratura Minerale, and a transparent ground based on high terpenic pure compounds, the Refractive Ground. It is a personal decision of each luthier to choose one of them or combining them.
  • Now, the wood is ready to be varnished. It is possible to apply five to ten layers of varnish (by hand; less if you apply by brush). The Old Wood products are Classical Amber Varnish, Cremona Varnish and Brescia Brown Varnish.
  • If only varnish is used (without oil colours) five or six layers are enough. It is possible to mix the varnish with one or more oil colours pastes, Old Wood Oil Natural Colours, and find an infinite palette of colours.
  • Finally, finish the instrument using a soft polish product as Old Wood Polish and Italian Cream. A warm and natural shine is obtained.

Please, read the instructions and recommendations for each step.

Sistemas de aplicación


Application Methods




Méthodes d'application


Metodi di applicazione


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